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How Ties to the Land can help
The Ties to the Land succession planning program helps families communicate better about what to do with their property and how best to get it done.
Communication may be the difference between an estate plan, which directs the transfer of assets, and a succession plan that helps transfer, from one generation to the next, the vision, the passion and the skills needed to be stewards of the land.

For this reason, our program emphasizes passion, commitment, and communication. We do address technical legal and accounting mechanisms of estate planning in this program, but these are not our main emphases.

The Ties to the Land succession planning curriculum is made up of several integrated components:

TIES TO THE LAND Facilitated Workshop on Succession Planning

The TIES TO THE LAND Workshop (DVD-based program) is a practical introduction to succession planning for woodland owners and the generations that will succeed them.

The program helps families recognize important barriers to succession, provides an understanding of how the process can be moved forward, and presents a number of communication tools and skills families can use to improve their ability to steer their way through the succession planning and intergenerational transfer process.

The TIES TO THE LAND Facilitated Workshop DVD allows the powerful TIES TO THE LAND program to travel to any interested community. Designed for use in a locally hosted and facilitated workshop setting, the Workshop DVD captures the essence of our well-tested, live workshop while retaining the flexible, interactive structure that has made TIES TO THE LAND such a popular and effective program.

The Workshop DVD contains the complete workshop plus resources needed to facilitate a local succession planning program:

Workshop Section:

This section provides the TIES TO THE LAND workshop featuring instructors Clint Bentz and Mark Green with supporting graphics and video. The workshop is divided into 6 modules, with about 2 hours and 20 minutes total content, plus five interactive activities that an IFA facilitator can customize to the audience.

TIES TO THE LAND: Your Family Forest Heritage. The Workbook

This workbook helps guide family forest landowners through a smooth succession process by providing tools and resources that will help families make the decisions necessary to achieve their objectives and pass their land to succeeding generations. The workbook was developed as a companion to the TIES TO THE LAND Workshop, to provide participants some practical materials to take home use with their families. The workbook also contains a companion DVD with a keynote address presented by Clint Bentz, cautionary tales, and some related documents. (This is not the same as the Facilitated Workshop DVD).

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact your IFA Regional Director, whose contact information is HERE.

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