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Preserving the Family Forest

This is a series of eleven articles that will step you through many of the issues involved in planning the transfer of your property to the next generation.  These articles cover ownership structures, communications, advisors, and other issues.  It is strongly recommended that you read all eleven articles in order.

This series was originally published in Missouri Extension Service's "Green Horizons" newsletter.  We are grateful to editor Hank Stelzer and the University of Missouri for permission to use this material to assist Illinois forest landowners.

We are most grateful to Mr. David Watson, the author for his assistance and permission.  Not only did he review and edit these articles for applicability within Illinois, but he worked with his firm to get their agreement to allow the series use here.  Mr. Watson is a financial advisor practicing near St. Louis.  His contact information is included with each article.

We have included other material in this section relating to ownership (as in "Ownership Tools") and estate planning (references to Forest Service publications) and various aspects of planning for the transfer of your property to succeeding generations, however, this series encompasses the gamut of what you should consider.  We recommend that you start here.

Click HERE for the first article "How Clear Is Your Vision?".

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