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Healthy Forests, Today and Tomorrow


This page lists events for the IFA and other forestry organizations in Illinois.  The sponsoring organization(s) are indicated.  It is not always possible to provide complete descriptions for other organizations' events, but we try to at least provide you with a contact for more information.

About Registration 

Even though most of these events are free and open to the public, it will help the organizers to know how many will be attending.  So, please register for these events whenever possible.  This will also help you, because if weather looks threatening, the organizers can easily send you a message about whether the event will be held or delayed or cancelled.  Some partner organizations are handling registration for certain events.  For those, registration is disabled.

If you have an upcoming event that you feel relates to forestry in, or near, Illinois, please send the details including contact information to the administrator

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

05/05/2024 East Trigg Trailhead Loop Spring Wildflower Hike
04/20/2024 IFA Timber Harvest Field Tour
04/20/2024 IFA Lovett Forest Member Hike
04/13/2024 Spring Family Forestry Field Day
03/10/2024 Piney Creek Ravine Ecology Hike
03/06/2024 Gateway Green Conference
03/02/2024 2024 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
02/26/2024 Tree Care Workshop (Milan)
02/17/2024 Beginning Forest Landowner Program - Winter Field Day
02/13/2024 Four Seasons Gardening Webinar - Insects to Know: Spotted Lanternfly & Periodical Cicadas
02/05/2024 Tree Care Workshop (Decatur)
02/03/2024 Annual Backyard Maple Syrup Production Workshop - 2024
01/22/2024 Tree Care Workshop (Mattoon)
01/11/2024 New Invaders: Spotted Lanterfly (Webinar)
11/29/2023 Spotted Lanternfly is Here, Now What Do We Do?
10/28/2023 Beginning Forest Landowners Field Tour - Simpson
10/19/2023 Oaks of Illinois Virtual Workshop
10/14/2023 Beginning Forest Landowner Field Tour - Hillsboro
09/21/2023 IFA 18th Annual Conference
09/15/2023 Southern Illinois Conservation Workshop
09/14/2023 IAA Careers in Arboriculture Demonstration Event
08/02/2023 IFA Urban Tree Health Training - Harrisburg
08/01/2023 IFA Urban Tree Health Training - Centralia
07/20/2023 IFA Urban Tree Health Training - Decatur
06/23/2023 DuPage County Site Tour - Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team
05/13/2023 IFA Southern Field Tour (Dixon Springs Agricultural Center)
05/13/2023 IFA Northern Field Tour (Bureau County)
04/15/2023 Spring Forestry Field Day
02/04/2023 Backyard Maple Syrup Production Workshop
01/19/2023 'Burnt Oak' Beer Release Party
12/15/2022 (Registration is Full) Illinois Forestry Association Tree Identification Webinars
12/08/2022 Chainsaw Mill Demonstration - University of Illinois Extension Forestry
10/15/2022 Tree Farm Field Day - 'Bout Broke Farm
09/16/2022 IFA 17th Annual Conference - Galena, IL
08/25/2022 IFA Urban Tree Health Training - Invasive Plants & Recognizing Herbicide Damage to Trees - (Effingham)
07/25/2022 Central Illinois Urban Tree Health Training (Effingham)
06/24/2022 Urban Tree Health Training (Carbondale)
06/23/2022 Urban Tree Health Training (Benton)
06/09/2022 Urban Tree Health Training (Edwardsville)
04/30/2022 Community Event for Southern IL Forest Landowners and Natural Resource Professionals
04/09/2022 Illinois Chapter of the Walnut Council and Illinois Forestry Association Spring Forestry Field Day
03/30/2022 Forestry Spring Webinars - University of Illinois Extension Forestry
02/22/2022 2022 CRTI Tree Risk Short Course: Changing Climate, Changing Urban Forests
02/20/2022 Winter Tree ID - Illinois Plant Society Southern Chapter
02/19/2022 2022 Backyard Maple Syrup Production Workshop
01/20/2022 Small Farms Winter Webinar Series - University of Illinois Extension
12/09/2021 Trail of Tears State Forest Honeysuckle Pull
11/12/2021 Prescribed Fire Training Day - Great Rivers Prescribed Burn Association
10/23/2021 Illinois Forestry Association 16th Annual Conference (Virtual)
10/19/2021 Oak Threats, Pests and Diseases Virtual Forum and Workshop
09/25/2021 Prescribed Fire Training - September 25th
09/18/2021 Southern Illinois Conservation Workshop - September 18th
09/13/2021 Laurel Wilt Disease Trainings - University of Kentucky Extension Forestry Event
08/12/2021 Invasive Species Summit: Japanese Chaff Flower
07/07/2021 University of Kentucky Virtual Webinar - What's Wrong with my Oaks?
06/14/2021 Illinois Forestry Association Eastern Field Tour - Allerton Park
06/05/2021 Illinois Forestry Association Northern Field Tour - Howard Coleman and Funderburg Forest Preserves
05/22/2021 Illinois Forestry Association Southern Field Tour - Touch of Nature Environmental Center
05/19/2021 Illinois Forestry Association Western Field Tour - Principia College
04/17/2021 Illinois Forestry Association and HeartLands Conservancy - Arlington Wetlands Invasive Plant Demonstration and Volunteer Day
04/08/2021 Spring Forest Health Update - Virtual Meeting 2021
04/07/2021 National Wild Turkey Federation - Iowa - Virtual Field Day
04/03/2021 Southern Illinois - Virtual Invasive Species Training
03/24/2021 Extension Forestry Spring Webinars
03/18/2021 The Shawnee Resource Conservation and Development Annual Meeting 2021
02/01/2021 Winter Tree ID - University of Illinois Extension
01/23/2021 2021 Virtual Midwestern Maple Syrup Meeting
10/19/2020 The Illinois Forestry Association Virtual 15th Annual Conference - Webinar Series
09/21/2020 2020 Southern Illinois Conservation Workshop - Virtual Webinar Series
07/27/2020 Walnut Council Virtual Webinar Series
06/22/2020 Illinois Forest Landowner Webinar Series
05/11/2020 Illinois Invasive Species Symposium - Online Webinar - 2020
05/07/2020 University of Illinois Extension - Online Webinar - Mushrooms of Illinois
05/04/2020 University of Illinois Extension Forestry - Online Webinar -Selected Natural Areas of the Shawnee National Forest
04/29/2020 The North American Invasive Species Management Association - Free Webinar Series - Eyes in the Sky: Leveraging New Remote Sensing Technologies to Detect Invasion at a Distance - Dan Tekiela, University of Wyoming
04/22/2020 The North American Invasive Species Management Association - Free Webinar Series - EDDMapS 2020: Integrated Platform and Program for Tracking Invasive Species Management in North America - Chuck Bargeron, University of Georgia
04/15/2020 The North American Invasive Species Management Association - Free Webinar Series - Invasive Bark and Ambrosia Beetles: Their Impacts and Detection - Bob Rabaglia, USDA – Forest Service
04/08/2020 The North American Invasive Species Management Association - Free Webinar Series - What's That Smell? The Curious Case of the Callery Pear - Dr. Dave Coyle, Clemson University
04/07/2020 CRTI Urban Forestry Basic Training
04/01/2020 The North American Invasive Species Management Association - Free Webinar Series - The Green Pathway to Invasive: Ornamental Invasive Plants - Chris Evans, University of Illinois
03/14/2020 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference - 25th Anniversary - University of Illinois Extension
02/22/2020 Grantsburg Swamp Ecological Area Cleanup - Extension Forestry
02/08/2020 Beginner Chainsaw Safety and Forest Stand Improvement Training - Extension Forestry
01/08/2020 Forest Habitat Management - 8 Week Course - Crawford County Forest Preserve
12/14/2019 Winter Identification of Invasive Species - Extension Forestry
09/26/2019 IFA Fall Conference and 14th Annual Meeting
04/14/2019 Timber Harvest & Forest Management Field Tour
02/23/2019 Timber Sales & Taxes in Illinois
02/01/2019 What has Wandered into your Woods?
01/26/2019 Timber Sales & Timber Tax Workshop
01/12/2019 Alternative Tools Used in Woody Invasive Control
11/08/2018 Forest Health Workshop
11/06/2018 Maple Syrup Production Online Course
11/02/2018 Forest Health Workshop
11/01/2018 Forest Health Workshop
10/27/2018 Oakwood Bottoms Field Trip
09/27/2018 IFA Fall Conference and 13th Annual Meeting
09/22/2018 Southern Illinois Conservation Workshop
09/16/2018 Chainsaw Safety and Invasive Species Control Training
09/01/2018 Our Families & Our Forests
08/25/2018 Kinkaid Lake Field Trip
05/24/2018 Illinois Invasive Species Symposium
05/19/2018 Map and Compass Training
04/20/2018 Chainsaw Safety & Directional Felling
03/16/2018 Native by Design: Woody Plants and Pollinators
03/16/2018 NRCS Cost-Share Cut-Off Dates in Selected Counties
03/10/2018 Tri-State Forestry Conference
02/21/2018 Emerald Ash Borer Management Workshops
02/10/2018 Map and Compass Training
02/06/2018 IL Prescribed Fire Council's Winter Symposium
02/03/2018 Backyard Maple Syrup Production
02/03/2018 Timber Sales & Taxes in Illinois
01/20/2018 Chainsaw Safety and Invasive Control Training
12/12/2017 Bush Honeysuckle: Its Ecology, Economic Impacts, and Treatment Options
11/28/2017 Introduction to Forest Taxes
11/14/2017 Sustainable Timber Sale Recipes for Success
11/02/2017 Southern Illinois Communites Conference
10/24/2017 Sustaining Oak Forests in the 21st Century through Science-based Management
10/14/2017 Trail Building Workshop
09/28/2017 IFA 12th Annual Meeting and Fall Conference - Healthy Forests on the Edge
08/01/2017 Oak and Forest Trees Health Walk and Talk
07/15/2017 Tour of Aldo Leopold Foundation
06/22/2017 Japanese Chaff Flower Program and Field Tour
06/17/2017 Invasive Species Identification Workshop
06/11/2017 2017 Annual Walnut Council Meeting
06/03/2017 Tour of Mulvain Woodworks
05/31/2017 Illinois Invasive Species Symposium
05/25/2017 IAA Summer Conference
05/13/2017 A Tour of Alan Kaplan's Tree Planting
05/11/2017 An Approach to Pruning You Won't Forget
05/11/2017 North American Invasive Species Forum
05/06/2017 Illinois Tree Farm Forestry Field Day
04/21/2017 How Mushroom Taxonomy Gets Done These Days
04/20/2017 Southern Illinois Mushrooms
04/14/2017 Community Forestry Workshop
04/13/2017 Community Forestry Workshop
04/04/2017 Carroll County: NIFA Annual Dinner
03/25/2017 Forest Regeneration Tour
03/19/2017 Spring Native Plant Propagation
03/17/2017 Chainsaw Safety & Directional Felling Training (Levels 1-2)
03/11/2017 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
03/08/2017 Woodland Stewardship Program Orientation
03/03/2017 Restoration and Wildlife
02/23/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
02/22/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
02/15/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
02/14/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
02/10/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
02/10/2017 Woodland Stewardship Program Orientation
02/09/2017 Forestry Workshop
02/09/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
02/07/2017 Vermilion County Woodland Owners Workshop
02/04/2017 Backyard Maple Syrup Production Workshop
02/04/2017 Timber Sales & Timber Marketing in Illinois
01/30/2017 Forestry Workshop
01/26/2017 Your Legacy, Your Land
01/26/2017 Cumberland County Forestry Workshop
01/26/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
01/25/2017 First Detector Workshop - Invasive Pests
01/19/2017 Reclaiming the Edges: The Role of Agroforestry in Urban Areas
01/18/2017 Oak Forest Regeneration
01/18/2017 Oak Forest Regeneration
01/17/2017 Intro to Maple Syrup Production
01/10/2017 Forestry Workshop
12/21/2016 Small Scale Logging
12/21/2016 Small Scale Logging
11/12/2016 Restoration and Wildlife
11/12/2016 Oaks of Illinois Field Day
11/08/2016 Tools for Management
11/05/2016 Forest Management/Invasive Species Control Workshop
11/02/2016 2016 National Convention Society of American Foresters
10/26/2016 Reforestation & Habitat Restoration on the Farm
10/25/2016 Pulling for Bats Week
10/24/2016 International Society of Arboriculture Leadership Workshop
10/23/2016 Pecan Farm Field Day
10/19/2016 Healthy Forests along the Rural-Urban Interface
10/18/2016 Illinois Arborist Association Annual Fall Conference & Trade Show
10/14/2016 Advanced Chainsaw Safety & Directional Felling (Levels 3-4)
10/11/2016 Urban Wood Seminar from the Int'l Woodworking Fair
09/29/2016 11th Annual Meeting & Oak Restoration Conference
09/27/2016 International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
06/23/2016 International Society of Arboriculture Summer Conference - Illinois Chapter
06/15/2016 Impacts of deer on northeastern forests and strategies for control
06/14/2016 Women in the Woods
06/09/2016 UMass - Urban Forestry Today
05/26/2016 Illinois Invasive Species Symposium
05/21/2016 Log-Grown Mushroom Production Workshop
05/19/2016 Test Your Farm's Water
05/19/2016 Tree Farm Reforestation Tour
05/18/2016 Forest Connect Webinar -- The Green Lie
05/11/2016 Learn at Lunch Webinar: An Approach to Pruning You Won't Forget
05/05/2016 Tree Diversity and Exotic Threats: The 5% Solution
04/30/2016 Illinois Tree Farm Forestry Field Day
03/12/2016 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
03/03/2016 Forest Management for the Private Woodland Owner
02/24/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/23/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/18/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/17/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/09/2016 Native Plants and Providing Habitat for Wildlife
02/09/2016 Native Plants and Providing Habitat for Wildlife
02/09/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/06/2016 Winter Tree Identification
02/06/2016 Backyard Maple Syrup Production Workshop
02/03/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/02/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
01/28/2016 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
01/23/2016 Winter Tree Identification
01/22/2016 Timber Tax Filing for the 2015 Tax Year
01/20/2016 Ecology and Identification of Common Northeastern Conifers
01/20/2016 Ecology and Identification of Common Northeastern Conifers
01/12/2016 Invasive Species Management: Picking battles big enough to matter, and small enough to win
12/12/2015 Prescribed Burn Observation - CANCELLED
12/08/2015 Top Issues Faced by Woodland Owners
12/01/2015 The Impact of Wildfire on Woodlands
11/18/2015 The Importance of Forests to Clean Water
11/10/2015 Climate-informed Management of Oak Ecosystems in the Central Hardwoods Region
11/10/2015 Teaching Youth about Forests
11/05/2015 Tree Protection During Construction: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
11/01/2015 Tree ID Hike
10/24/2015 Illinois Walnut Council Field Day
10/22/2015 Marketing Hardwood Veneer Logs and Trees
10/21/2015 Oak Restoration along the Rural-Urban Interface
10/16/2015 Catching Fire: Oak Forest Restoration in Illinois
09/25/2015 "Woods, Wildlife, and Wildflowers" - 10th Annual IFA Meeting and 2015 Tree Farm Field Day
09/18/2015 Woodlot Management Workshop
09/16/2015 Firewood from Private Woodlands
09/12/2015 Illinois Walnut Council Annual Field Day and Meeting
08/25/2015 Kick Your Bad (Chainsaw) Habits
08/20/2015 Monarch Butterfly Recovery Webinar
08/13/2015 The Amazing World of Plants in Illinois!
08/13/2015 Aerial Control of Bush Honeysuckle: Research and Implementation in Missouri and Illinois
07/28/2015 Silviculture for Non-foresters: Managing a Forest for Multiple Objectives (Webinar)
07/19/2015 Oaks, Insects, and Animals
07/18/2015 Plum River Log Furniture Tour
06/20/2015 Sawmill and Firewood Tour
06/06/2015 Acorn Ecology
05/28/2015 2015 Illinois Invasive Species Symposium
05/23/2015 Basic Plant Identification 2-Day Workshop
05/12/2015 Trees in Peril: Update on Invasive Threats
05/09/2015 Shimer Arboretum Tour
04/21/2015 The Good, the Bad, & the Lovely Webinar: Landscape Alternatives and Pollinator Plants
04/17/2015 Southern Illinois Forestry Field Day
04/07/2015 The Good, the Bad, & the Lovely Webinar: Invasive Species of Concern and Control Strategies
03/28/2015 Shupe's Woodworks Open House and Log Sawing Demonstration
03/26/2015 Invasive Species Workshop
02/26/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/19/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/18/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/14/2015 Invasive Plant Species Control Workshops
02/12/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/11/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/04/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
02/03/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
01/29/2015 First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop
12/12/2014 Webinar - Forest Botanicals: Deep and Tangled Roots
12/09/2014 Webinar - Prescribed Burning: Minimizing Damage in Oak Forests
10/18/2014 2013 Outstanding Tree Farmer tour
09/26/2014 Sangamon County: "A Taste of the Forest" - IFA Annual Meeting
09/20/2014 Jo Daviess County: IFA/NIFA Tour of Plantings and Harvest Site
09/20/2014 Knox County: Annual Walnut Council meeting
09/13/2014 Jo Daviess County: (NIFA) Fall Treatment of Woody Invasives
09/12/2014 Effingham County: Illinois Consulting Foresters Meeting
09/09/2014 Webinar: Asian Long-Horned Beetle
08/07/2014 Pope County: Crop Science Field Day and Forestry Field Day
07/16/2014 McLean County: Illinois Renewable Energy Conference
06/28/2014 Macon County: Forestry Workshop
06/21/2014 Cook County: Forest Ecology and Wildlife Workshop
06/21/2014 Green County: Safety in Forestry Demonstration
06/12/2014 Webinar: Fading Forests - Protecting America’s Trees from Non-native Pests and Diseases
06/10/2014 Webinar: More Income from your Property
06/07/2014 Jo Daviess County: Tree Planting Tour
05/29/2014 Sangamon County: Invasive Species Symposium
05/20/2014 Webinar: Pond Management
05/16/2014 Winnebago County: Tour of Torstenson Center
05/15/2014 DuPage County: Invasive Issues in Trees
05/09/2014 Iowa: Advanced Pruning Techniques
05/08/2014 Webinar: Classical Biological Control of Weeds
04/24/2014 Webinar: Pathogen-based Biological Control of Grassy Weeds
04/15/2014 Webinar: The Invasive Callery Pear
04/11/2014 Sangamon County: 2014 Conservation Congress
04/10/2014 Webinar: Biogeography of Plant Invasions
04/08/2014 Webinar: Concepts of Forest Declines and the Search for Resistance to Beech Bark Disease and Butternut Canker
03/27/2014 Webinar: Hybridization in Weedy Species
03/27/2014 Will County: First Detector Workshop
03/25/2014 Carroll County: Trespassing and Timber Theft
03/15/2014 Greene County: Timber Sales Seminar
03/15/2014 Greene County: Tree Felling and Chain Saw Safety Course
03/13/2014 Webinar: Merging Chemical Ecology and Bio-Control
03/12/2014 Macon County: First Detector Workshop
03/12/2014 Cumberland County: Prescribed Burn Workshop
03/11/2014 Webinar: Attracting Wildlife with Weeds
03/08/2014 Greene County: Forestry Field Day
03/08/2014 Sinsinawa, WI: Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
02/27/2014 Webinar: Evolution of Bio-Control Insects
02/27/2014 Rockford County: First Detector Workshop
02/21/2014 Effingham County: Illinois Consulting Foresters Spring Meeting
02/20/2014 IDNR Webcast: Communications & Customer Service
02/20/2014 Jackson County: First Detector Workshop
02/13/2014 IDNR Webcast: Partnerships to Promote Education & Volunteerism
02/13/2014 Ogle County: Protecting Your Budget & Your Trees
02/12/2014 Illinois Prescribed Fire Council Annual Symposium
02/11/2014 JoDaviess County: Protecting Your Budget & Your Trees
02/07/2014 Effingham County: Chainsaw Safety Training
02/06/2014 IDNR Webcast: Outdoor Recreation
01/30/2014 IDNR Webcast: Land & Water Management
01/30/2014 LaSalle County: Protecting Your Budget & Your Trees
01/28/2014 Whiteside County: Protecting Your Budget & Your Trees
01/23/2014 Webinar: Origin of Invasive Plants
01/23/2014 IDNR Webcast: Habitat Restoration & Protection
01/23/2014 Cook County: Protecting Your Budget & Your Trees
01/16/2014 Madison County: First Detector Workshop
01/14/2014 Jo Daviess County: Biomass Heating Meeting
01/14/2014 Tazewell County: First Detector Workshop
01/13/2014 IDNR Survey: 2014 Conservation Congress
12/14/2013 Macon County: Managing Your Backyard Forest
12/04/2013 Webinar: Controlling Invasive Species through Collaboration and Communication
11/11/2013 Piatt County: IWC Forestry Field Day
11/02/2013 Pope County: Woodland Restoration
10/15/2013 Jo Daviess County: Central States Forest Soils Workshop
10/08/2013 Kentucky: Master Logger Training
10/05/2013 Crawford County: Illinois Tree Farm Annual Meeting
09/30/2013 Jefferson County: Forest Health Workshop
09/27/2013 Henry County: Forest Health Workshop
09/20/2013 LaSalle County: IFA Annual Conference - "Here Comes the Sun"
09/20/2013 McLean County: Forest Health Workshop
09/14/2013 Union County: Invasive Plant and Forest Management Field Day
09/13/2013 Effingham County: Illinois Consulting Foresters Fall Meeting
09/10/2013 Webinar: Woodland Legacy Planning: Carrying Stewardship Forward
09/06/2013 Pike County: Illinois Walnut Council Fall Field Days
09/06/2013 DuPage County: Forest Health Workshop
09/05/2013 Champaign County: Woody Perennial Polyculture Fall Field Day
08/20/2013 Sangamon County: Forest Health Workshop
08/14/2013 Webinar: Fall Preparations for Spring Invasives Control Work
08/01/2013 Pope County: Forestry Field Day
07/20/2013 Carroll County: IFA Member Barbecue
07/11/2013 Missouri: Professional Timber Harvester Training
06/25/2013 IFA Webinar: Managing Temporary Woodland Pools for Wildlife
06/22/2013 Jo Daviess County: The Loggers' Perspective
06/13/2013 Champaign County: Horticulture Field Day
06/12/2013 DuPage County: Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Workshop
06/04/2013 Webinar: Archaeology in Your Woods
06/04/2013 IFA Webinar: The Short and Long Term Effects of the 2012 Drought on Forest Pests and Diseases
06/01/2013 Jackson County: Invasive Species & Forest Management Field Day
05/18/2013 Jackson County: Responding to the Unexpected
05/16/2013 Webinar: Special Features of Your Forest
05/14/2013 Webinar: Controlling Invasive Plants
05/11/2013 DuPage County: Illinois Tree Climbing Championships
05/07/2013 IFA Webinar: Spring/Summer Forest Invasives and Their Impacts on Forest Health
04/29/2013 Lee County: Emerald Ash Borer Management
04/27/2013 Macon County: Tree Planting
04/25/2013 Henry County: Emerald Ash Borer Management
04/23/2013 IFA Webinar: Black Walnut Management
04/18/2013 Webinar: Managing the Threat of Thousand Canker Disease on Your Farm
04/15/2013 Knox County: Emerald Ash Borer Management Program
04/13/2013 Jo Daviess County: Tree Planting over the Last 5 Years
04/09/2013 Webinar: Tree Planting Primer
04/09/2013 Webinar: Urban Wood Utilization
04/09/2013 Webinar: Invasive Plants Identification
03/28/2013 Webinar: Thousand Cankers Disease
03/27/2013 Webinar: Developing Adaptive Silviculture Strategies in the Context of Climate Change
03/26/2013 Du Page County: "First Detector" Tree Pest Training Program
03/23/2013 Macoupin County: Indoor Winter Tree ID Workshop
03/21/2013 Champaign County: "First Detector" Tree Pest Training Program
03/19/2013 Carroll County: NIFA Annual Dinner Meeting
03/17/2013 Vermilion County: Maple Syrup Open House
03/15/2013 Williamson County: Illinois Indigenous Plant Symposium
03/14/2013 Madison County: "First Detector" Tree Pest Training Program
03/10/2013 DuPage County: Get Sticky - Maple Syrup Sundays
03/09/2013 Adams County: Pruning Fruit Trees and Brambles
03/09/2013 Sinsinawa, WI: Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
03/07/2013 Jefferson County: "First Detector" Tree Pest Training Program
03/05/2013 Webinar: Illinois Landowner Liability Issues
02/26/2013 Rock Island County: "First Detector" Tree Pest Training Program
02/21/2013 Will County: Winter Tree ID Workshop
02/19/2013 Webinar: Prescribed Fire Effects on Nonnative Invasive Plants in Ozark Terrestrial Communities
02/19/2013 Webinar: Basic Winter Tree Identification
02/12/2013 Jo Daviess County: NIFA Meeting
02/12/2013 McLean County: Winter Tree ID
02/12/2013 Sangamon County: "First Detector" Tree Pest Training Program
02/12/2013 Jefferson County: Emerald Ash Borer Preparedness Workshop
02/08/2013 Effingham County: Illinois Consulting Foresters Meeting
02/02/2013 Cook County: Wild Things
01/30/2013 Menard County: Land Leases, Laws, and Habitat
01/29/2013 Tree Pruning for Municipal Staff
01/08/2013 Webinar: Non-Timber, Not Non-Profit
12/11/2012 Jo Daviess County: NIFA Planning Meeting
11/17/2012 Cook County: Schaumburg EAB Workshop
11/16/2012 McHenry County: Emerald Ash Borer Workshop
11/10/2012 Coles County: Chainsaw Safety - Level 1
11/08/2012 Webinar: Dealing with Forest Invasives During Fall & Winter
10/28/2012 Jo Daviess County: Chain Saw Safety - Game of Logging, Level 2
10/27/2012 Pope County: Sustainable Living Expo
10/27/2012 Jo Daviess County: Chain Saw Safety - Game of Logging, Level 1
10/20/2012 Jo Daviess County: Regeneration of Harvest Sites
10/20/2012 Jo Daviess County: Fruit Tree Management
10/17/2012 Webinar: Restoration of the American Chestnut
10/12/2012 Macoupin County: Thinning/Pruning Workshop
10/05/2012 Effingham County: IFA Annual Meeting
09/29/2012 Jo Daviess County: Annual Illinois Tree Farm Meeting
09/19/2012 Sangamon County: Forest Health Workshop
09/14/2012 Effingham County: Illinois Consulting Foresters' Fall Meeting
09/11/2012 Webinar: Woodlot Management Opportunities
09/07/2012 Morgan County: Fall Field Days
09/06/2012 Jackson County: Forest Health Workshop
08/30/2012 DuPage County: Forest Health Workshop
08/14/2012 Jo Daviess County: Fruit Tree Management
07/29/2012 Champaign County: Annual Walnut Council Meeting
07/22/2012 Kentucky: Northern Nut Growers Annual Meeting
05/24/2012 DuPage County: Invasive Species Workshop
05/22/2012 Webinar: Invasive Pests & Diseases in Illinois Woodlands
05/21/2012 Webinar: Invasive Plants in Illinois Woodlands
05/19/2012 Jo Daviess County: Pruning/Thinning Demonstration
05/19/2012 McHenry County: Threats to Forest Health Workshop
05/19/2012 Menard County: Tour of Starhill Aboretum
05/19/2012 Jackson County: Field Day
05/19/2012 Winnebago County: NWTF "Women in the Outdoors" Event and Habitat Field Day
05/15/2012 Jackson County: Threats to Forest Health
05/08/2012 So You Want To Grow Oak on Your Property
04/28/2012 Carroll County: Tour of Mississippi Palisades Sate Park
04/28/2012 Franklin County: Southern Illinois Workshop for Timbered Property Owners.
04/23/2012 National Forest Legacy Program Meeting
04/10/2012 Shelby County: Timber Sale
04/10/2012 Early Successional Wildlife Habitat
03/31/2012 Schuyler County: Chain Saw Safety
03/27/2012 Carroll County: NIFA Annual Dinner Meeting
03/10/2012 Sinsinawa, WI: Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
02/22/2012 Webinar: Federal Timber Tax Basis
02/18/2012 Jo Daviess County: Knotty Ideas Woodworking
02/17/2012 Marion County - Game of Logging
01/28/2012 Elsberry, MO - Tour of Forrest Keeling Nursery
01/10/2012 Biomass Energy Development Discussion
01/07/2012 Sangamon County: NWTF State Awards Banquet
12/13/2011 Jo Daviess County: NIFA Meeting
12/07/2011 Sample Timber Sale Posting
11/29/2011 Jackson County: Goods from your Woods
11/17/2011 Webinar: Leaving a Legacy for the Next Generation: Tips On Succession Planning
11/15/2011 Webinar: Leaving a Legacy for the Next Generation: Tips On Succession Planning
11/10/2011 Pope County: How To Identify Those Bad Guys On Your Property
11/10/2011 Webinar: Timber Management for Quality White Tail Deer
11/08/2011 Jo Daviess County: NIFA Meeting
10/22/2011 Pope County: Sustainable Living Expo
10/22/2011 Northwest Indiana: Walnut Council Field Day
10/20/2011 Webinar: Providing Quality Habitat for White Tail Deer
10/19/2011 Webinar: Introduction to Silviculture Practices for Private Woodlands
10/08/2011 Stephenson County: Woodland Tour
10/01/2011 Jo Daviess County: A Novice's Guide to Forest Management
10/01/2011 Pike County: Tree Farm Field Day
09/24/2011 Carroll County: Woodland & Wildlife Tour
09/23/2011 Jackson County: IFA Annual Meeting
09/17/2011 Wildlife - Woodland Workshop
09/13/2011 Webinar: Tree Planting
09/10/2011 Stephenson County: Meet your Legislators
09/09/2011 Illinois Walnut Council Annual Meeting
08/20/2011 Jo Daviess County: Professional Restoration
08/17/2011 Webinar: An Explanation of Defects in Hardwood Timber
07/31/2011 Madison, Wisconsin: Walnut Council Annual Meeting
07/23/2011 Shelby County: Forestry Workshop
07/20/2011 Webinar: The Carbon Impact of Forest Products
06/28/2011 Non-timber forest products: Through the lens of a landowner.
06/18/2011 Managing the Understory
06/15/2011 Webinar: Forestry in the 2008 Farm Bill
06/14/2011 Webinar: Backyard Forestry (PennState)
06/10/2011 Cape Girardeau, MO: Missouri Walnut Council Annual Meeting
06/04/2011 Monmouth, IA: Tour of Oetken Farm
05/28/2011 Morgan County: Forestry Field Day
05/21/2011 DuPage County: Managing for the Understory
05/21/2011 Sangamon County: Tree Identification Workshop
05/14/2011 Jo Daviess County: Thinning Demonstration
05/07/2011 Henry County: IWC Shiitake Mushroom Workshop
04/30/2011 Rock Island County: IWC Tree Planting Demo
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