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IDNR Forestry Development Act (FDA) Program

This program has three parts that relate top forest landowners - the cost share program, the property tax incentive, and the 4% timber tax that supplies the cost share funds.  For the IDNR's complete description and forms for the FDA program, click here.

Cost Share Program

The FDA Cost Share Program is administered by the IDNR Division of Forest Resources.  To be eligible to receive cost share payments, a landowner must operate at least 10 contiguous acres (at least 100 feet wide) on which timber is produced, have timber production as the primary goal of their land, and have an IDNR-approved forest management plan.

The program reimburses a portion of the landowner's costs, up to 75% of the actual costs for applying forest improvement practices.

Tax Incentive

With the passage of the FDA, the Property Tax Code (35 ILCS 200/10-150) was amended to provide a tax incentive for the Illinois timber grower. Any land, in a county with less than 3,000,000 residents, being managed under an IDNR-approved forestry management plan shall be valued at 1/6 of its equalized assessed value based on cropland, if the landowner so requests.

Cost Share Rates

 Site Preparation  Light  $30 / Acre

 Medium  $60 / Acre

 Heavy  $90 / Acre
 Very Heavy  $180 / Acre
 Tree Planting  No-cost Seedlings (labor)
 $95 / Acre
 Purchased Seedlings (seedlings & labor)
 $280 / Acre
 Direct Seeding (seeds & labor)
 $95 / Acre
 Weed Control  Chemical (product & application)
 $40 / Acre
   Mulch (product & application)
 $60 / Acre
 Tree Shelters  No more than 50 / Acre
 $150 / Acre
 Pruning  between 35 and 100 trees / Acre
 $75 / Acre
 Thinning & Crop Tree Release  between 35 and 50 trees / Acre
 $45 / Acre
 Fencing  Woven Wire
 $12 / Rod
   Barbed Wire
 $11 / Rod
   Suspension  $ 6 / Acre
   High Tensile
 $ 9 / Acre
 Management Plan
   $ 7 / Acre
 Electric Fencing
   $ 0.50 / Foot
 Repellents    $15 / Acre

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