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Webinar: Restoration of the American Chestnut

  • 10/17/2012
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Internet
Restoration of the American Chestnut

The American chestnut [Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh.] was one of the most abundant and important tree species of the eastern deciduous forest of North America for thousands of years, until decimated by chestnut blight, a disease caused by an exotic fungus [Cryphonectria parasitica (Murr.) Barr]. Come learn about some of the recent progress made to restore the highly-prized American chestnut.

This one hour webinar describes the process and progress in re-establishing the American Chestnut in several stands across the eastern US.

The Southern Region Extension Forestry (SREF) is hosting this session.  Presenters include
  • Stacy Clark, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Knoxville, TN; stacyclark@fs.fed.us
  • Bryan Burhans, The American Chestnut Foundation, Asheville, NC; bryan@acf.org

To register for this free informational session, go to this SREF Website and click on "How to Register".

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